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Why use Waytobill as your payment provider


Payment methods - get all payment methods in one place

All payment methods
in one place

Provide all payment methods preferred by your clients to cater to all needs and reach your conversion and retention goals. Help your customers smoothly switch between payment methods, for example, from invoice to digital autogiro.

Payment methods - put your focus on the sales

Focus your attention on sales

Choose the stress-free payment provider.
Focus on growing your business, while we handle everything, from the customer choosing how they want to pay to you receiving the money.

Payment methods - same simple process no matter the payment method

Simple process with all payment methods

Find out how easy it is to send the payment information to your CRM and other administrative systems. Card payments, invoices and digital autogiro - save time and let us handle the payment process.

Waytobill's Payment Methods

Direct Debit

Digital Autogiro

Waytobill's Digital Autogiro makes it easier than ever to increase conversion and retention rates. Say "goodbye" to long paper and web forms and welcome Sweden's most effective way of boosting subscription volume. Opt for Digital Autogiro and forget about losing customers due to expired cards.

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Digital AvtaleGiro

Opt for Digital AvtaleGiro integrated with Waytobill's subscription engine and benefit from payment punctuality, higher conversion rates, and customer retention. Digital AvtaleGiro offers convenience for both businesses and customers.

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SEPA Direct Debit

The efficient Euro-based payment method simplifies cross-border recurring transactions and allows efficient, cost-effective transfers across participating European countries, including the Nordics and beyond.


Multi-Channel Invoicing

Deliver invoices to clients in a structured sequence of steps with Waytobill's Multi-Channel Invoicing. We take care of optimising the invoice payment flow and transitioning clients to direct debit, while you get to focus on growing your business.

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Other recurring payment methods

Following the Nordic market evolution and our merchants' requirements we can also activate other recurring payments such as card, Vipps, MobilePay. We will offer Recurring Swish as soon as it's available.

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Revolutionising the Nordic payment system

Our mission is to provide payment services to all Nordic countries, offering local and international payment methods. With Waytobill you can:

  • Opt for local recurring payment methods.
  • Benefit from hassle-free payment processes delivered thanks to Waytobill's Digital approach.
  • Easily expand your business to other  Nordic countries.
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Integrated with your sales system and CRM

With Waytobill's payment plugin, you can start signing customers to Recurring Payment plans directly from your telesalessales or CRM system.

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