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Convert customers from invoice to direct debit and start reaping the benefits of digital payment solutions right from the start. At Waytobill, we deliver a positive customer experience and help you boost retention and improve customer lifetime value thanks to our intuitive checkout and onboarding.

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How can Waytobill help your insurance business?

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Higher retention & CLV

Recurring payment methods allow for seamless withdrawals that require no input from the customer. As the policy automatically renews, you improve customer retention and increase the average customer lifetime value.


Reduce cost & environmental impact

Save on costs associated with invoices. Forget about invoice printing and shipping and significantly reduce not only your costs but also the environmental impact of your insurance company. 

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Easy onboarding at the point-of-sales

Reduce payment and data errors and improve customer experience by delivering agreements in a digital form. Sign customers up for recurring payment methods in just a few clicks.

Digitalise premium collection with Digital Autogiro

Convert invoice customers to direct debit and forget about missed or late payments, errors and suspensions in insurance coverage for your clients. With Digital Autogiro, or other Nordic direct debit payment methods, you can forget about involuntary churn and significantly reduce administrative workload. Automate payment processes and allow your customer support team to foster relationships instead of chasing missed payments. 

On top of that, you can still offer invoice or card payments.

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With Waytobill, your customers don't have to worry about payments

Let your customers stay focused on things that matter and take their minds off monthly payments. Sign customers up for recurring monthly payments, wherever they are.

  telemarketing icon (2)With our effective telesales checkout, you can insure customers while on the call or directly after. Send the checkout link directly to your prospect's mobile phone, making the signing process easier and faster.

  Convert to Digital Media Landing copiaWaytobill's checkout can be used across all sales channels. Convert customers directly from your website or customer portal and redirect them to secure online checkout.

 QR CODE Print QR codes on your marketing materials for further reach and increase your insurance volume. 

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Integrated partners

We're integrated with leading telesales and CRM systems, helping organisations reach their maximum potential. Discover our existing integrations. More integrations coming soon!

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Security as a top priority

At Waytobill, we know that ensuring your clients' maximum security is fundamental for you as a trustworthy insurance provider. That's why we have taken trustworthiness to another level thanks to our partnership with Kontakta, BankID and 3D payments. 

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Resources to help you succeed

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Digitalise payments for your insurance company

Take control and improve customer retention with a simple payment solution.

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