Transition clients to direct debit with Multi-Channel Invoicing

With Waytobill's Multi-Channel Invoicing, you can easily transition customers from invoice payments to direct debit to increase customer lifetime value. Thanks to our various distribution channels you will be able to reach customers no matter their favourite communication method and optimise costs.

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Why choose Waytobill as your digital invoice provider?


Intelligent distribution  channels

Reach customers by delivering invoices through a variety of different channels. Send invoices to digital inboxes (for example Kivra) or send them as e-invoices to their bank, email, or a regular letter.


Transition from invoice to direct debit

Allow customers to pay recurring invoices by direct debit. Convert clients to Autogiro or AvtaleGiro by adding "Pay" buttons to digital or QR codes to paper invoices.

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Improved customer experience

By simplifying the payment process, you provide clients with a seamless experience that leads to their satisfaction and improved retention.


Incorporate Multi-Channel Invoicing into your strategy today

Reach out to us for expert guidance on fine-tuning your payment processing and enhancing conversion rates.

Multi-Channel Invoicing is available in

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Multi-Channel Invoicing

Deliver invoices to clients in a structured sequence of steps with Waytobill's Multi-Channel Invoicing. Start with email and digital postbox and escalate to paper if the initial steps are unsuccessful. Waytobill takes care of optimising the invoice payment flow and costs, while you get to focus on growing your business.

Email with a payment button

Reach clients by sending your invoices via email and increase payment rates by adding a button that allows the client to pay directly online and provides an option to settle future payments with direct debit if desired.

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Digital Mailbox

Deliver your invoice via a secure digital mailbox like Kivra and transition invoice clients to direct debit by adding a "Pay with direct debit" button to the digital invoice.

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Request payments with electronic invoices sent straight to your customer's bank account. The client receives notification and can settle the payment directly from their mobile banking app and opt for direct debit payments.

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Paper invoice

Send your bill as a traditional paper invoice through postal mail. Although this method is more costly and time-consuming, it guarantees that the client receives a physical copy. Add QR codes to your paper invoices to easily convert clients to direct debit.

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Integrated with your CRM system

With Waytobill's payment plugin, you can start signing customers to Digital Autogiro plans directly from your CRM system.

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Resources to help you succeed

Step-by-Step Guide: Transitioning Invoice Insurance Clients to Direct Debit

Learn how to use the different distribution channels supported by Waytobill to transition invoice clients to direct debit and increase customer lifetime value while optimising costs.

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