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With our QR codes, your customers can sign up anywhere! Through a flyer on the street, a poster on the subway or a letter in their mailbox. Take this chance to get more subscribers, customers, or donors.

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Boost sales activities

Improve your direct sales with a modern QR code checkout. It allows your customer to complete the sign-up wherever they are, with no additional effort from your side.

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Build sales volume

Increase sales by combining your marketing efforts of flyers, posters etc. with your sales activities of a QR code. Sign your customers directly into a recurring payment plan and keep them for a longer time.

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Expand your reach

With the QR code, you can reach potential customers anywhere. If your telemarketer didn't quite land the deal, then seeing your poster on the subway might.

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Choose the right payment options

Did you know that the right payment methods can boost your sales? Let your customers enjoy their subscription for longer with an easy sign up process where they can choose between autogiro, card and invoice.

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Payment methods section - Invoice


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The checkout flow with a QR code


Scan the QR code

The checkout flow starts with a potential customer finding your advertising through a flyer, poster, brochure etc. that features a QR code they can scan to be directed to our checkout.




Your customer is asked to fill in their personal information. You can configure this information to fit what you need from the client. By finalising the purchase, your customer is also accepting the deal. Agreement and purchase; all in one solution.

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Choose payment method

The last step of the checkout flow is to choose a preferred payment method. Once that's done, your customer will receive an order summary.

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Add QR codes to sales letters

Convert more prospects into donors, subscribers, or customers by adding personalised QR codes to your sales letters. By scanning the code, potential clients are redirected to a pre-filled checkout, in which they can choose Digital Autogiro as their preferred payment method. 

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Modernise your checkout for subscriptions

Take control and digitalise your payments. Your effortless checkout journey awaits.