AvtaleGiro: Simplified recurring payments in Norway

Seamlessly sign up customers for recurring payment plans and subscriptions with AvtaleGiro and Waytobill's subscription engine, just with a few clicks. Convert leads into paying customers or donors online, on the phone or with field sales.

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Reasons to use Waytobill's AvtaleGiro checkout



By simplifying the sign up process, you minimise customers' entry barriers and as a result, increase conversion.

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loyalty and retention

With a recurring payment method like AvtaleGiro you retain customers for longer, increasing their loyalty and trust. 

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Integrated with your
sales system

Your sales agents can handle your customers' life cycle in one place, directly from your telesales or CRM system.

Norwegian AvtaleGiro available in all sales channels

Sign up customers directly through any channel; telesales, online or in person. With AvtaleGiro, you get immediate agreement and close sales via any sales channel. It's time to leave behind long processes involving paper or web forms.

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Fully compliant with telemarketing

Did you know that you can sign up customers for AvtaleGiro payment immediately on the phone call or directly after? This requires less effort from both the customer and the sales agent!

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Select payment method

Once your customer has chosen to sign up for your subscription, they can choose AvtaleGiro as the payment method.

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BankID signing

The payment is secured with the BankID signing. This step also serves as an identity verification and mandate confirmation. 

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Select bank account

Your customers securely connect to their bank and choose a preferred bank account from a list. This step makes the process safer, faster and more reliable - we ensure the account number is correct. After confirming the selected bank account, the customer will be redirected to an order confirmation screen. 

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Get started with AvtaleGiro

Contact us today and get started with our AvtaleGiro solution. It's time to put missed sales opportunities behind!

Say hello to the smooth AvtaleGiro experience

Use our AvtaleGiro to sign customers up for subscriptions or donations through any sales channel. No time-consuming forms that require high effort from your customer.

Our solution is completely digital. No loss of customers caused by accidentally filling out the wrong account number on the form.

Your customers get a safe and secure checkout experience with BankID signing.


Why is the AvtaleGiro solution better than card?

No more worrying about losing customers due to expired cards.

Simpler and quicker sign-up, all your customer needs is their phone.

Lower cost as the payments are not routed through expensive card networks.


Increase conversion with AvtaleGiro


Integrated with your sales system and CRM

With Waytobill's payment plugin, you can start signing customers to AvtaleGiro plans directly from your telesalessales or CRM system.

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Resources to help you succeed

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Increase conversion with AvtaleGiro

Contact us today and get started with our AvtaleGiro solution. It's time to put missed sales opportunities behind!