Payment management for
insurance companies

Unleash the complete capabilities of your insurance system by integrating it with Waytobill's payment platform. Waytobill not only enables the transition to digital recurring payments but also delivers a complete payment management system. Seamlessly upgrade or downgrade policies, manage payment methods and other aspects like periodicity, or proceed with cancellations and payment reminders, all directly from your insurance system. 

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Easily transition invoice customers to direct debit

A convenient payment button allows you to easily convert clients from invoice to direct debit and reduce involuntary churn.


Full flexibility whenever you need it 

Change payment methods and periodicity, upgrade or downgrade policies, and proceed with cancellations directly from your insurance system. 

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Unique partner for all payment-related matters

Waytobill integrates with your insurance system so that you can manage different countries and payment methods in one place. 

Digitalise premium collection with direct debit

Convert invoice customers to direct debit and forget about missed or late payments, errors and suspensions in insurance coverage for your clients. With Digital Autogiro, Digital AvtaleGiro, and other Nordic direct debit payment methods, you can forget about involuntary churn and significantly reduce administrative workload. Automate payment processes and allow your customer support team to foster relationships instead of chasing missed payments. 

On top of that, you can still offer invoice and card payments.

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Integrated with your insurance management system

With Waytobill, you can start managing payments directly from your preferred insurance system.


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Our payment system is integrated with Contemi's insurance engine, granting Seamless users real-time access to payment management tools. Benefit from full flexibility and efficiently upgrade and downgrade policies, proceed with cancellations, and change payment methods. 

Are you using a different system?

Don't worry! We're open to developing new integrations.

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Integrated checkout for all your systems

With an open API, we enable tailor-made integrations for your business. No matter which system you are using today, we’ve got you covered.

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Simplify the way you manage policies and payments

Take control and digitalise your payments. Your effortless checkout journey awaits.