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High demand for your help

As a charity organisation, you know that finding donors and retaining them can be difficult. With more competitors and subscriptions for every need, improving your fundraising strategy is crucial to take your cause to the next level.

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"I thought about payment platforms and yours has all and more than I have imagined."
Michael Danielsson
CEO at OceanLive
"It was smooth to use Waytobill in a telemarketing campaign during which we stayed in close contact with the support team."
Alexandra Elgue
Project Manager at Missing People
"Waytobill is a simple, secure and modern way to work with monthly donors. We are looking forward to further success – so that we can keep making a change."
Jenny Höglund
Marketing and Fundraising Director at HRF

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How can Waytobill help your charity?

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Higher Conversion

With our payment solutions, you get to increase the number of donors. Payments are connected directly to the donation process.


All Sales Channels

Find new donors wherever they are. Use our specific charity checkout on direct email, social media, the web, via text messages or even with sales fields. 

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Improved Retention

Improve your retention rate by signing donors directly into subscription models and receive regular monthly support. 

A Fundraising Platform Designed for You

Waytobill adapts to your needs and choices. Our fundraising platform allows you to present your corporate image at all times and make the platform a part of your website.

  tickDonotion-specific language with words like donation, donor, donate, etc.


 The fundraising platform can be embedded on your page and customised with iframe. 

  tickCheckout flow from webpage to donation confirmation.

  tick Your branding is visible at all times.

  tick Positive customer experience.

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Digitalise your donations. Use Digital Autogiro

Digitalise your fundraising strategy and convert one-time contributors into recurring supporters with Sweden's most used payment method. With Digital Autogiro you can transform occasional donors into recurrent benefactors effortlessly and without paper forms.

On top of that, you can still use invoice or card payments simultaneously.

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Don't wait. Be where your donors are

Thanks to Waytobill you can sign up donors wherever they are, at any time.

  telemarketing icon (2)Sign donors up directly while on the call or directly after with our effective telesales checkout.

  Convert to Digital Media Landing copiaConvert donors 24/7 with our online checkout embedded on the page of your choice.

  QR CODEUse our QR code to boost your in-field campaign or adapt to anything with our payment link; social media,  email, etc.

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Security as a top priority

At Waytobill we know that ensuring your donors' maximum security is fundamental for you as a charity organisation. That's why we have taken trustworthiness to another level thanks to our partnership with Kontakta, Bank ID and 3D payments. Even more, we use your charity's branding at all times giving your customers a smooth and secure experience.

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Resources to help you succeed

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