Retain members with recurring payments

Transition current invoice volume to direct debit and increase member lifetime value with a seamless payment solution. Onboard new members in a variety of sales channels by optimising the onboarding experience.

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Why use Waytobill's payment solutions

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Lower churn and boost member lifetime value

Automatic recurring payments significantly lower churn by reducing the number of unpaid invoices. This highly improves member lifetime value.




Higher initial payment rate with easy onboarding

Waytobill's user-friendly approach allows for easy and immediate onboarding, allowing members to sign up from mobile devices. 

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Real-time payment data in merchants' CRM

Automate process thanks to a seamless integration that allows for real-time payment data synchronisation with the merchant's CRM.

Integrated with your CRM and sales systems

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Migrate from yearly fees to more frequent subscriptions

Does your membership organisation still operate with invoices? Do you experience involuntary churn rates caused by unpaid invoices? It may be time to transition members to recurring payments. 

tick Lower involuntary churn rates and improve member lifetime value.

tick Optimise costs and administrative workload caused by manually processed invoices and payments.

tick Improve member experience by providing immediate onboarding

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Digitalise your memberships with direct debit

Digitalise your memberships and improve conversion rates with Nordic most popular payment methods. With Digital Autogiro and Digital AvtaleGiro, you can sign up members for recurring payments, reducing involuntary churn rate and therefore improving retention rates. 

On top of that, you can still use invoice or card payments simultaneously.

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All sales channels within your reach

Find new members wherever they are. With Waytobill you can attract new members through all sales channels.

telemarketing icon (2)  Sign prospects directly on the call or right after with our efficient telesales checkout.

 Convert to Digital Media Landing copia Embed our online checkout on your website and convert members 24/7.

 QR CODE Our sharable payment link will help you convert new members on social media, via email, field sales, etc.

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Bridging the gap for organisations

In such a competitive market, making your checkout efficient is more important than ever. By lowering the entry barriers and digitalising your payments you get to sign more members and bridge the gap between current and new members.

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Incorporate recurring payments and improve member satisfaction

Take control and digitalise your payments. Your effortless checkout journey awaits.