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Reach new heights with the flexible web checkout that can be tailored to your customers' needs. Make the sign-up flow yours.

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The flexible web checkout

You have two options when using the checkout; The standard or tailor-made checkout. 

Standard checkout

Add the checkout to your website right away and start signing new subscribers immediately. This approach lets you start quickly and catch those new customers instantly, at a very low cost.

Tailor-made checkout

Build your own sign-up process that's connected to our API. Add your branding, subscription plans and products to give your clients the most seamless customer journey. We handle the agreement and payment initiation. Start building the checkout of your dreams.

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Choose the right payment options

Did you know that the right payment methods can boost your sales? Let your customers enjoy their subscription for longer with an easy sign up process where they can choose between autogiro, card and invoice.

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Payment methods section - Card


Payment methods section - Invoice


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The web checkout flow


Direct the customer to the checkout

The checkout flow starts with your customer navigating through your website and wanting to sign up. Which they can easily do through a button on your webpage.




It's possible to collect personal information in this process. You can configure said information to fit what you need from the customer. By finalising the purchase, your client is also accepting the deal. Agreement and purchase; all in one solution.

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Choose payment method

The last step of the checkout flow is to choose a preferred payment method. Once that's done, your customer will receive an order summary.

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Other ways to use the checkout

The fun doesn't end yet. In order to increase your reach, we've made it possible for you to take advantage of whatever social channel your customer prefers and direct them to the checkout from there. With Waytobill's payment link, your customers can sign up directly from any channel; email, social media, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, you name it.

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Modernise your checkout for subscriptions

Take control and digitalise your payments. Your effortless checkout journey awaits.

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