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Are you looking to convert hot leads into paid orders directly during or right after the call? Waytobill's smooth payment plug-in is integrated with your favourite telesales systems. Use Digital Autogiro, AvtaleGiro, and other recurrent payment methods to boost conversion rates for your business.

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Why opt for smooth payments for telesales?

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Increase conversion

Collect payments while on the call or right after and boost sales like never before.


Ensured compliance

Guaranteed compliance with the current legislation even when you outsource your telemarketing.

Increase conversion

Improved retention

Sign your leads directly for recurrent payments or easily switch them from invoice payments in just one click.

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Choose the payment options you need

Did you know that the right payment methods can boost your sales? Let customers enjoy their subscription for longer with an easy sign-up process where they can choose between Autogiro, AvtaleGiro, card, invoice, and Digital Signing.







More countries and payment methods
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Security as a top priority

At Waytobill, we understand that security is a top priority when it comes to telesales. That's why we offer a secure and seamless checkout with the guarantees and reliability of 3D security and BankID so that you and your customers are covered with maximum security at all times. Additionally, we have Kontakta's quality stamp. 

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Trusted payments delivered with:

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Integrated with your telesales and CRM system


With the Waytobill payment plug-in, you can start accepting payments directly from your outbound dialer or CRM system.


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The telesales checkout flow


Send the payment link

Once the lead has expressed their interest, share the payment link during the call or right after. Send a text message with the link directly from your telesales system. The link will direct the user to our checkout.

Your Telesales System



Thanks to Waytobill's seamless features you can configure all the information visible in the checkout, including product names. By finalising the purchase, your customer is also accepting the deal. Agreement and purchase, all in one solution.

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Choose payment method

The customer gets a chance to choose their preferred payment method. Once that's done, they will receive an order summary.

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Receive all the information

Once the purchase is finalised, your agent will receive all the needed information through your already-in-place system. Whether you’re outsourcing your telemarketing or not, the whole process is smoother when our solution is integrated with your sales system.


Don't believe it. See it.

See how Waytobill's telesales checkout can help your business to grow. Seamless solution; In one-click.

Digital Agreement Signing

Enhance Conversion Rates and Secure Payment Mandates

Waytobill's Digital Signing feature streamlines the process of collecting payment mandates and improves conversion rates by offering a user-friendly, digital solution across all sales channels.

No need for printing or scanning! The sign-up process is digital and guarantees compliance with local regulations, resulting in immediate customer agreement.

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